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    Chapter 1: LAMP APPAREL has spotlighted the pride of a city by adding our twist to their Sports & Leisure identities. By starting in Columbus, OHIO with a different concept on the approach to designing, we know what looks fresh and what is relavent. Our creative team relishes in the moment and captures the most iconic images and events on the softest threads when it happens.  LA as managed to chang the game in fast acting designing and word play, while staying true to dropping what the people want. We make original art that is fluid to whats happening. 


    Chapter 2: "LAMPIN" is a word that has been used since 1996 in relaying the vibe of just chilling. This happens everyday by everybody. It's when you are in the state of relaxation yet getting lost in your own thoughts. Picture laying on the couch, feet crossed, and formulating a great idea. The inner light comes on while your body is deactivating. #LampinLife


    Chapter 3: INFLUENCERS have been key to our identity. We have become the brand for the "influencers" - We have mastered the art of going viral and how to move the digital media needle. LAMP has created the first platform for any major influencer no matter what "nitch" with an opportunity to have their own apparel line with a national brand. Using our influence, design, expertise, and creative marketing with a proven business philosophy, we offer the best products that fit their unique audience.


    Chapter 4: LAMP APPAREL's knack for creative content is what catapulted it's reputation on the digital platforms. We express our thoughts and message through the portal of social media. LA allows the followers to lead the way by sparking your interest. 


    Last Chapter: Be First


    Lamp Logo


    The History


    Forming in late 2012 and launching online in February 2013, LAMP APPAREL grew quickly due to the loyalty of its customer base and the uncanny instincts to know what hits. LAMP APPAREL to expand their lines and their vision faster than anyone anticipated.

    In May of 2014, LAMP opened the doors of their flagship store in the heart of the Short North district in Columbus, Ohio. Similar to the success of their website, the store-front has become a social media landmark. 

    Because of the success that LAMP APPAREL has been favored with, we would like to thank all of our customers for their dedication and support of our brand. We look forward to serving those and other future customers with superior quality apparel and top-notch customer service, and of course our slick designs. 


    We Are Lampin Always In All Ways

    Lamp Apparel Storefront

    Lamp Apparel Store Front

    Lamp Apparel Store Front

    Lamp Apparel Store Front